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Pew Research Center Resources

Pew Research Center – Political Party Quiz
A 12 question quiz that places the quiz taker’s responses on an easy to understand political spectrum.  View results based on the overall responses, economic or social issues.  Results can also be compared to the Pew survey data on: Party, Age, Sex, Race, Religion & Candidate

Pew Research Center – Who Votes, Who Doesn’t Vote and Why
A short two page article that explores through Pew Research data, voting behavior in the U.S.  The easy to read tables of data are perfect for classroom use on a discussion of voting behavior.

Pew Research Center – Campaign 2012
A great one-stop location for nearly every critical topic associated with the 2012 campaign.  Articles, graphics, video and data allow students to access the issues in multiple formats.

New York Times Learning Network – 2012 Election Unit
An outstanding resource that pulls together 4 mini units that can be used to teach the 2012 election.  Units are also aligned with Common Core Standards.

Annenberg Fact Check Websites

Annenberg Public Policy Center – Fact Check
An extremely thorough site that monitors the accuracy of statements made by presidential candidates in TV ads, debates, speeches, interview and news releases.  This resource is extremely up to date, including analysis of daily events that are cross checked in easy to understand articles that include excerpts and quotes from the candidates.

Annenberg Public Policy Center – Fact Check Ed
The classroom version of Fact Check.  The information is broken down into an easy to access format.  Fact check by exploring a specific candidate or dive into one topic.

Annenberg Public Policy Center – Flack Check
Billed as the “Lighter Side” of Fact Check, this resource presenter the Annenberg Fact Check information in a more visual presentation.

Polls & Quizzes
Outstanding online quiz that begins with 24 questions broken into 8 categories.  Students can expand the quiz to answer additional questions within specific topics.  Once complete, the results are calculated and the candidate that best matches the quiz taker is revealed.

USA Today – Candidate Match Game II
Help students determine which candidate they support by responding to 14 critical issues surrounding the upcoming election. Along with voting, decide the importance of that particular issue to better determine which candidate to support.  A visual heavy resource, the tool is a great fit for classroom use.

USA Today - Match Game II

USA Today – Match Game II


Project Vote Smart – Vote Easy
A visual breakdown of 13 critical topics surrounding the 2012 election.  Respond to each topic and the candidates are visually presented in front of the White House lawn based on the response.  This is an outstanding platform to have students explore the issues while learning in more detail about the various candidates.

Vote Easy

Vote Easy


The Advocates – World Smallest Political Quiz
A 10 question quiz that displays the results on a unique gridded layout.  Students will quickly be able to visually understand where they fall on the political spectrum as compared to other political parties.

Electoral College Resources

270toWin & 270toWin iPad App
An outstanding interactive website that allows students to explore the implications of candidates winning the electoral college votes around the country.  The map can be manipulated and adjust and students can explore electoral college results going back to 1789.  This resource works well with interactive white boards or as an individual exploration of the implications of swing states in the 2012 campaign.


270 To Win


National Archives – Electoral College
A one stop shop for all things electoral college.  A simple visual layout allows students to explore FAQs, How the Electoral College Works, Add up the Votes & How Electors Vote.  This site is a wealth of resources to better understand the process and purpose of the Electoral College.

C-Span in the Classroom (Lesson Plans)
The Electoral College Pros/Cons and Alternatives
The Electoral College and the Constitution
Electoral College Posters (downloadable PDFs)

Election Results
View presidential election results going back to the year 1789.

Lesson Plans & Classroom Resources

New York Times Learning Network – 2012 Election Unit
An outstanding resource that pulls together 4 mini units that can be used to teach the 2012 election.  Units are also aligned with Common Core Standards.

MeoGraph Election 2012
A relatively new web 2.0 tool that allows students to create 4D digital stories, MeoGraph is releasing daily coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election.  The daily coverage is presented in MeoGraph style: a combination of images, audio and text layered on top of a map of the United States.  This is a great resource that can be used as a daily recap in the classroom.

Meograph - 2012 Election Update

Meograph – 2012 Election Update – 2012 Presidential Election
Presented in traditional ProCon style, there are 61 categories that can be explored on the site. Each topic can be explored and then ProCon reveals the position the Presidential candidates including quotations.  A great site that can be used for students to conduct individual research on the 2012 election.

National Writing Project – 2012 Election Teaching Resources
A collection of resources that can be used to teach and develop lessons regarding the 2012 Presidential Election.

Christian Science Monitor – DC Decoder
Updated with resources and articles to explore the 2012 election.

The Living Room Candidate
Explore Presidential television ads from 2008 to 1952.  This is an outstanding resource to explore the implications of mass media on presidential campaigns.

Library of Congress – Inaugurations
This resource explores the role of the inauguration when a president is elected.  Explore the concept of inaugurations in four categories: 2009, Setting the Stage, I Do Solemnly Swear and Promises Kept.

Cybrary Man’s Elections Page
A wealth of resources pulled together by Jerry “CybraryMan” that cover all aspects of presidential elections, voting and the electoral college.

USA Today – Election 2012
A useful one stop location for articles, insight and breakdown of the candidates.