Terrorism & 9/11 Web Sites

September 11th Digital Archive ★★★★☆
A tremendous resource for first-hand accounts – audio, video, and still-clips – from the 9/11 tragedy. Huge collection from the Center for History and New Media sheds much light on the impact of 9/11, though there is not much background information on terrorism.

The September 11th Sourcebooks ★★★★☆
A dense collection of declassified primary sources on the 9/11 attacks from the National Security Archives. This site is especialy useful for research on government policy. The first volume in the series seems to be the most directly useful and relevant.

Library of Congress September 11th Documentary Project ★★★★☆
Another collection of accounts, reactions, pictures, and opinions by the American people in the wake of the attacks. Captures the attitudes, emotions, and feelings of the people following the incident.

Global Policy Forum: Iraq ★★★★☆
Extensive and well-organized list of almost everything you might want to know about Iraq and the various factors linking it to the U.S. and the current Iraqi war.

The Avalon Project: 9/11 Collection ★★★★☆
A staggeringly enormous collection of primary sources and government documents on terrorism, 9/11, and more. Fortumately it has a search feature; there is an amazing amount of material here!

History News Network: Terrorism ★★★★☆
Includes selections from essays on 9/11 from the Journal of American History and sections on the history of terrorism, the Afghans, and America’s role in the Middle East (written by credible writers – professors/field experts). Also has info on less recent terrorist topics.

Frontline Teacher Center – Roots of Terrorism ★★★☆☆
Excellent PBS site with lots of classroom activities and links for background information on terrorism and its development. Content includes timelines, maps, facts, people, content on Islam, and more. High quality site with plenty of facts and data.

Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides, Activities, and more

Online News Hour: Teacher Resources on 9/11
Yet another good PBS site for teachers (and students), with many links and content for students at a variety of levels. Covers a broad range of related topics.

PBS: The Center of the World
A PBS teacher’s guide for middle school students with ideas about teaching 9/11. The main page contains ideas and questions for teachers to give to students for brainstorming about the events, but there are several links within the text that could be helpful for giving a basic background on the situation.

EDSITEment: On the Homefront
This lesson plan from the National Endowment for the Humanities contains ideas and resources for relating the war on terror with World War II. Issues are framed within the context of domestic support and the homefront. Plenty of useful resources to work with.

Frontline Teacher Center – Roots of Terrorism (Resources)
A page within the PBS site that contains numerous links to other terrorism resources, both within PBS and beyond.